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The Best WordPress Security Tools

best wordpress security tools

If you are looking to protect your WordPress website, there are a few different tools you can use to make sure that you are not at risk for hackers. These include iThemes Security Site Scan, WP Defender, Block Bad Queries Pro, and BackupBuddy.

iThemes Security Site Scan

A new product from iThemes, the iThemes Security Site Scan, helps protect your website against hackers. This plugin automatically checks for vulnerabilities in your WordPress core, themes, and plugins. When detected, it will notify you and help you take action.

iThemes has partnered with WPScan, a database of over 30,000 vulnerabilities. The plugin will check your site for vulnerabilities, such as cross-scripting injections, information leaks, and configuration errors. If it finds anything, you’ll receive an email report detailing the vulnerability.

In addition to the site scan, iThemes offers other security features, such as database backups and 404 detection. These functions can save you time and money. Plus, they offer professional support. You can get started with iThemes Security in less than 10 minutes.

iThemes Security Pro also includes Version Management, a feature that helps you manage vulnerable software by automatically applying patches when updates are available. iThemes Security Pro will also automatically scan for plugins with known vulnerabilities.

The iThemes Security Pro plugin also features two-factor authentication. This means that if a login attempt fails, you’ll be asked to verify your identity. It works with Apple Touch ID, Windows Hello, and Android authentication. Using this feature, you can keep your passwords safe while avoiding the hassle of remembering complex passwords.

Other features include a security dashboard that logs all changes you make to your site. This allows you to easily identify and apply security levels to specific user groups.


Backing up your WordPress site is an important part of keeping your data safe. Not having backups makes it easy for attackers to exploit your site. They can use it for phishing, redirecting users to malicious websites, and installing malware. BackupBuddy is a great tool for keeping your website secure.

It offers a variety of options for storing your backups, and has an elegant user interface. In addition, it includes a quick malware scanner to help you detect and remove malware on your site.

Several types of backups are available, including database, media library, and plugin files. You can also set up automatic and manual backups. Moreover, you can store your backups on different locations, and schedule them at regular intervals.

Using BackupBuddy is a very simple process. All you need to do is install the plugin, activate it, and then select a storage location. Once you’ve set your preferences, you can start storing your backups.

The software is easy to navigate and offers on-screen help. Besides, you can find a variety of online documentation, video tutorials, and support forums to help you get started.

BackupBuddy includes a free trial, and is available in four different pricing plans. The Basic plan costs $80 per year, and includes a single site license. However, if you plan to use it on more than one site, you may want to look at the Plus plan, which costs $127.


SecuPress is one of the most popular WordPress security tools on the market. It offers a variety of features, such as malware scanning, a firewall, and security reports.

The interface is easy to use and navigate. It’s also a free plugin. However, many users complain about its lack of support.

The premium version includes a thorough malware scan, quarantine options, and alerts. In addition, it includes options to block IP addresses from certain countries. Lastly, it offers an email notification system.

Sucuri Inc. has a free security plugin, but it’s not as good as its paid plans. Nonetheless, it’s a solid tool. It works by analyzing lists of blocked bots and users. And it’s an excellent way to prevent malicious robots from accessing your sensitive data.

The free plan of WP Cerber Security does a nice job of protecting you from brute force attacks. It also limits login attempts. Lastly, it checks for code injections and malicious URLs.

Another popular WordPress security tool is CleanTalk Security. This scanner uses a similar methodology as Wordfence. Despite its affordable price, it’s a little bit difficult to tell whether it has a comprehensive signature database.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, consider Bulletproof Security. Its dashboard allows you to manage a variety of security tasks from one location. Plus, you can also check the security of your site from the cloud.

The paid version of SecuPress is available for sixty euros a year. You can also integrate it with the Sucuri web application firewall.

Sucuri Security

If you’re looking for a security plugin that can keep your WordPress site secure, then you should consider Sucuri Security for WordPress. The tool offers a variety of features, including malware scanning and a web application firewall.

It also allows you to reset your passwords, check for spam, and perform other important tasks, like updating your WordPress website. And, it’s free!

Other features include a dashboard, which allows you to see a lot of information at once. You can even check out the logs. This is a great feature if you’re not sure how much traffic is on your site.

Another great feature is the security hardening feature, which allows you to improve your website’s security. In particular, this allows you to make your WordPress database table prefix stronger and harder to crack.

There’s also the Malware-Entfernung feature, which lets you remove malicious code. The Sucuri team can even fix your site if it gets hacked.

Overall, the Sucuri team provides a top-notch security solution. They offer a premium version and a free one, and they have a toll-free phone number and an email support system.

To get started, you’ll need to install the plugin, and then configure it. You can do so by clicking “Add plugins” and searching for Sucuri in the WordPress directory.

When you’re done, click the “activate” button. After the installation, your WordPress site will be safe and sound.

WP Defender

The WP Defender security plugin is a new tool that has been designed to help protect your website against a wide range of threats. With the help of this protection tool, you can easily secure your site, prevent unauthorized access, and monitor your site’s activity to identify issues.

This plugin will automatically scan your website for vulnerabilities and block suspicious files. You can also tweak the settings for additional security.

The security scanner can be set to monitor your WordPress site for real-time threats. It can identify and notify you of malware, spam, and phishing scams.

The WordPress Activity Log plugin keeps track of changes to your site, including user modifications, core file changes, and changes to login pages. It logs your activities in real-time so you can troubleshoot problems.

The Security Headers section lets you allow various security headers to be used. You can create a custom URL, change the referrer, block specific IPs, or even set advanced blocking rules for your username.

Another important protection measure is the Mask Login Area, which makes it hard for hackers to find your URL. Once you create this custom URL, you can redirect traffic to it.

Aside from the basic features, the Defender PRO version includes an Audit Log, which records the events of your site. It also has a white-label feature, which allows you to brand your dashboard plugin area.

Block Bad Queries Pro

Block Bad Queries Pro is a web application firewall that protects against remote file execution, directory traversal attacks, bad bots, unsafe character requests, and SQL injections. It is easy to install and highly customizable.

The plugin combines various security measures into a single system that’s designed to protect your WordPress website. This includes an advanced detection system, real-time file monitoring, and a robust logging feature.

If you need a complete security solution for your WordPress site, you should consider Astra Security Suite. Unlike most WordPress security plugins, it provides a user-friendly dashboard. You can view graphs showing your site’s security and check off the various features you’d like to use.

Astra also offers a robust business error logic for your WordPress website. This allows you to block users based on their specific roles, countries, and geographic locations.

In addition to this, the pro version of the plugin includes a number of additional features. For example, it provides a way to change your WordPress login URL, as well as a security alert system.

Another interesting feature of this plugin is its ability to scan your WordPress core files for malware. Not only that, but it provides a way to detect 404 errors and enforce SSL.

The pro version of this plugin also offers a full malware scan. Additionally, you can opt to have the plugin block a user’s IP address, as well as a country.