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How to Secure Your WordPress Website With Divi, iThemes, and CleanTalk

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There are a few ways to secure your WordPress website, but you’ll need to choose the best one for your needs. Divi, iThemes, and CleanTalk all offer good options. Here’s what makes each one different from the rest: Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


One of the most important aspects of a Divi theme is security. Because the Divi theme allows users to execute certain PHP functions, it is possible for an attacker to exploit this vulnerability to steal information or perform actions on your website. The following article describes the best ways to protect your website from security risks. Divi theme offers a number of options to increase your website’s security.

First of all, you need to check the security of your plugins and themes. Free WordPress themes and plugins often contain malware. It’s also a good idea to install the latest security updates for your website. Updates are available from your WordPress control panel. You can also use an automated scanner to scan your website for security flaws.

Another security option for WordPress is WP Activity Log. This feature generates a log of every process performed on your website. This can be helpful in troubleshooting or managing your visitors. While these options don’t prevent security breaches, they can help you improve your site’s security. Using Wordfence security feature will protect you against this issue.

Another great security plugin is SecuPress. This powerful plugin is focused on blocking viruses and malware. It was developed by Julio Potier, the creator of the popular WP Media plugins, WP Rocket, and Imagify. It is a robust security plugin with a very intuitive interface.

If you have a large website, you can install a WordPress security plugin such as Sucuri. This plugin protects your site from malware, brute force attacks, and SQL injections. It also provides monitoring tools and a website firewall. You can install it without any conflicts or issues. It has more than a million users worldwide and has many features to protect your website.

Astra Security Suite is a comprehensive security solution for WordPress. This security plugin protects your site against over 100 different threats. Its user-friendly dashboard helps you monitor the health of your website and protects against spammers and attackers. It also blocks fake search engine bots and other forms of spam, ensuring that your site remains safe from online threats.

CleanTalk Security is another security plugin for WordPress that scans files for malicious code and flags them. It also provides comprehensive security statistics. The plugin also enables you to limit access to certain users or groups. The plugin is free to use. There are also paid versions of the plugin. The free version provides adequate security for beginners.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a plugin that protects your website from malicious code, malware, Trojans, and other threats. It scans your website every day for malicious code and fixes known vulnerabilities. It is an excellent security plugin for WordPress that has more than one million active installations. The paid version of iThemes Security comes with premium support and features like regular backups.

The plugin is easy to install and offers several layers of WordPress security. Security features are organized by type of site, and users can change the login page URL, block spam comments, and keep track of failed login attempts. It also offers advanced security features such as two-factor authentication. Its default settings make installation quick and easy.

There are several packages available for iThemes Security Pro. The basic package costs $80 per year and includes up to ten sites. You can also purchase a developer’s package that covers unlimited sites for $247 a year. Both packages have 20 plugins and come with a year’s ticketed support. iThemes Security Pro also lets you schedule WordPress backups.

The iThemes Security Pro plugin protects your WordPress website against attacks and protects your content from bad actors. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to detect and block attacks. It also identifies trusted devices that are associated with your account and prevents session hijackers. It also helps you identify malicious users, including spammers.

iThemes Security Pro has many useful features, making it one of the best WordPress security plugins. It is user-friendly and affordable. It detects suspicious activity, helps you ban the wrong users from bot blacklists, hides login and admin URLs, and protects your site data from brute-force attacks.

iThemes Security Pro has many features, including malware scans, email notifications, and a ten-point evaluation of your website. However, you should use it with caution, as it can break your site and slow down your dashboard. As with all premium plugins, there are some limitations.

This plugin has many features, including an ability to update the default “admin” user and block malicious visitors. It also supports two-factor authentication and Google’s reCAPTCHA box. Its features also include malware scanning and a built-in firewall. It also lets you update themes and plugins directly from its dashboard. It also offers a one-click backup and manages all your sites from one dashboard.

Premium plugins are usually better than free products, as they are more reliable. It is also possible to use free ones to detect suspicious changes in files on your site. However, you should take a backup of your entire website if your website has been hacked. Just make sure to make sure the backup is of the hacked site and not of the original one.

CleanTalk Security

CleanTalk Security is a small privately-owned company in Carson City, Nevada, that specializes in security tools that use a software-as-a-service model. Its cloud-based security service protects your WordPress site from a number of threats, including brute-force protection, malware scanning, and IP-based blocking.

Its anti-spam feature protects your site from spam emails and submissions. The plugin can identify spam users and filter their submissions, while blocking them from making further contact. It can also export a list of spam users to CSV. The CleanTalk Security plugin also helps prevent spam by filtering comments submitted by spammers.

The CleanTalk Security FireWall protects your website from hackers by hiding the WordPress name and login URL. It also blocks access to PHP files and disables directory listings. It protects your website from real-time attacks, and gives you notifications of any suspicious activity. The plugin supports a trust network that allows you to identify and block bad actors. It also replaces code strings, complete URLs, and even URLs, so that they can’t access your website.

CleanTalk Security is a cloud-based security plugin that can fix hacked WordPress sites in minutes. The service costs $200 for a single website, but it comes with a detailed security report. It also offers cloud backup and extended support to keep your site safe from hackers.

Malware scanning tools can detect and remove malware from your WordPress site. The Premium version of the plugin offers customer service and multi-site support. It also includes a user log-in function. With its free trial version, you can download it for free or get a discounted price if you’re a subscriber to WP Buffs.

The free version of CleanTalk Security can be used for a basic security check. There are also more advanced features available for those who want advanced protection. This is an excellent all-around security solution for WordPress. One of the most important features is its continuous surveillance of your site. A malware removal solution should alert you whenever there’s a new malware.

CleanTalk also includes an advanced option called Spam FireWall. This feature blocks the most active spam bots from accessing your website. This helps your site load faster and improves conversions. Google considers site speed as a major factor in ranking a website, and a site that takes time to load will lose potential visitors and revenue.

Another popular WordPress security plugin is Jetpack. It offers many security features, including analytics, SEO, backup features, and more. It also protects your site from brute-force attacks, filters spam messages, and monitors downtime. You can also use it to restrict access based on IP address. You can even add a two-factor authentication option to make your site safer from hackers.

CleanTalk has anti-spam features that scan your comments and prevent spam bots from leaving comments on your website. It also sends spam-related comments to your spam folder. The feature is compatible with contact form 7 and jetpack, and gives you a report on each spam comment. Its cloud-based anti-spam module also includes an anti-spam firewall to protect your website from spam. It identifies spam bots and analyzes their behavior parameters. This feature also forms a list of spam bot email addresses.