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How To Manually backup Your Website

A complete backup of your website and databases is the most security measure  you can take for WordPress. Without making regular backups, You won’t  feel conformable however secure is your website.

Despite the importance of  backup, many  admins and site owners don’t take it seriously. Some of them rely on their web hosts to backup their sites, while other may do backups once in a while. Many don’t wake up till they found their websites are hacked or some of their data is lost.

The are many ways  to backup for  WordPress,  here are some options

1- Cpanel  Manual Backup

To use cPanel to backup WordPress follow these steps:

  • Log into your cPanel control panel.
  • Click on “Backup Wizard” icon.
  • Select “Generate / Download a Full Backup”.
  • Select “Home Directory” in “Backup Destination” and enter your email address
  • Click “Generate Backup” button.
  • You’ll get an email when the backup is ready. The backup will be stored in your cPanel, normally in a directory under wp-content. You need to go to that location  to download the backup and keep it in safe place. If your website is updated frequently, you need to repeat the backup process once in while.

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