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How to Change Admin Username on a WordPress Security Plugin

If you want to change the admin username for your WordPress site, you have two choices: change it yourself or use a plugin. WordPress’ database tables use a wp_ prefix but you can use a different prefix. To make this change, navigate to the wp_users table on the left side of your screen. Click on the ‘Edit’ link. In the ‘User-login’ field, type in your new username. Once you’ve made the changes, click ‘Go’ to save them.

Plugins to change admin username

If you want to change your WordPress security username, you have several options. You can use a plugin that allows you to change the username in the WordPress database. However, you should be aware of the risks involved. If you make the wrong changes, you could damage your website or even lose access to it. Therefore, this method should only be used as a last resort.

Plugins to change admin username WordPress security: Changing the admin username on your WordPress site can enhance the security of your site. Some plugins are specifically designed for this purpose, while others have additional security features. You can try Admin Renamer Extended, which has a simple interface and is multi-site compatible. Another option is the Username Changer plugin. The username changer changes the display name of posts and pages if it matches the admin username.

Changing the password for the admin account in WordPress is possible through the wp-users table. It contains several fields such as the user-login, user-pass, user-meta, and display-name. It also contains a password field in MD5 format.

Another way to change the admin username is to create a new admin user. This way, you don’t have to modify the database. You can just add a new user, and you can also delete the old one. However, be aware that some plugins may require additional permissions to work properly, so changing the admin username in the database is the better choice.

WordPress security is very important for your website. As WordPress becomes more popular, more cyberpunks will target it. One of the biggest security loopholes is the login URL. You can protect your website by changing the URL of the login page. This will prevent cyberpunks from accessing your website.

Changing the username on WordPress is simple. The new username will appear under the User > My Profile section. To change the username, you just need to activate the Username Changer plugin. Then, visit the profile page of the user. It will contain a link to change the username.

Some plugins increase the security of the login process. Some of these plugins use security questions to make it more difficult for hackers to hack your site. No-Bot Registration is a good example of such a plugin. It lets you set security questions that are difficult for hackers to guess.

In addition, you can also change the database username through the cPanel’s phpMyAdmin. In the database, wp_users is located in the wp_users table. Click on the ‘Edit’ link and type your new username in the user_login field. Once you’re done, you must click the ‘Go’ button to save your changes.

Another option is to replace the existing user account with a new one. This method is much simpler and will transfer all the privileges and authorship of your blog posts to the new one. However, this method requires a certain level of technical expertise and is not recommended for beginners.