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Fix Runner Review

About Fix Runner

Fix Runner Provides affordable WordPress support and maintenance packages. They have experience maintaining thousands of WordPress websites, and they understand how important it is for your business to have the perfect website Performance, SEO, Usability and Security.

Prices starting from:

$49 / mo.

Fix Runner Services

Fixrunner offers complete services to the WordPress site owners. Their support system ensures that there is no error or virus left on the website. They provide support to all types of issues from CSS changes, bug fixes to theme development and website maintenance, etc. Website speed optimization and Malware removals are some of the main services which Fixrunner is popular for.

Their team is available to provide support 24/7 to the customers. Like other companies, this company is not just providing WordPress solution but also helping their customers to learn things. They do this by providing access to a large number of articles, training tools, and video tutorials

Fix Runner Features

Let’s take a look at some of the main features which you are going to enjoy if you buy any of their plans for your website from Fixrunner:

  1. Backup and maintenance of WP website
  2. Custom development of WP themes
  3. Fix all WordPress issues and bugs
  4. WordPress site speed optimization
  5. Malware removal and white label
  6. Site upgrade and uptime monitoring
  7. On page SEO optimization for ranking
  8. Cloud backup with detailed notes

Fix Runner Prices

Fixrunner offers three different plans which are called the premium, rocket, and advanced. The plans are not just different from each other on the basis of price but also the features. This means that you can buy the plan which fits with your website requirements. There is no need to pay extra for those features which you are not going to use.

Their premium plan starts from $49 per month with 90 minutes of support time. The rocket and advanced packages will cost you $79 and $129 per month accordingly. There are up to 4 hours of support time included in the advanced package. You can pay more for further support from their team if you needed.


Fix Runner is another web service company that can solve your WordPress problems. You can either use their one time plan to fix any issue with WordPress or signup with one of their ongoing support plans to keep your website safe at all times. Fixrunner is a great solution for WordPress website owners. At such a low price, you cannot just make your website secure but also get access to resources to learn how to maintain a WP website easily without any help