Wordpress Security 2022 – What's Working TODAY To Secure Your Website! | Plugins, Hosting, Malware Checks, etc.

Best WordPress Subscription Security Plugins

VaultPress is a paid plugin that allows site owners to make real-time backups. It also offers an automated security scan. It has a few premium upgrades that give site owners options to patch hacks, run SQL reports, and protect logins and more.

Really Simple SSL gives site owners an easy way to switch to SSL, which keeps transactional and personal information safe from hackers on ecommerce sites. It also helps to prevent spam.

1. WebEmailProtector

An easy-to-use, powerful security Plugin to hide Email Addresses on your Website to stop email-harvesting spammers. Unlike other obfuscators that simply send the Email address as plain text or use a Javascript encoder to hide the email, WebEmailProtector actually replaces the Email Address with an IES Secured Email Address Encryption Key. This provides the strongest email obfuscation available in a WordPress plugin.

It detects malicious activities in your wp-admin and tries to block them from entering into your system. It also scans your entire site for any hacked files and removes them. It also checks your website for any suspicious behavior such as failed login attempts, fake traffic, and more. In addition, it provides a range of features such as file and directory scanning, brute force protection, logging and alerts, firewall rules and malware signatures, code scanners, and more.

Besides, it helps to block spam comments and signups on your WordPress blog. It is a free security WordPress plugin that prevents your website from hacking attacks and malware injections. It also performs regular backups of your site content and stores them in a secure cloud-based storage. It performs automatic updates for wp-plugins, themes, and core files. It also protects your site from attacks and malware threats by identifying rogue IP addresses and blocking them.

UpdraftPlus is one of the best wp-security plugins for your wordpress that keeps a backup of your WordPress website’s files, media, database in a cloud-based storage. It also does regular backups to keep your site content safe from any kind of loss caused by a virus infection or server failure. In addition, it also allows you to restore your entire website in a few clicks.

Another great wordpress security plugin for 2020 is Vaultpress, which automatically syncs your site’s content in real time to save it from any kind of loss caused by hackers and other external attacks. It provides daily backups of all your posts, pages, media, and the database of your WordPress site. It also monitors the activity of your website in real-time and blocks any unauthorized actions.

2. WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log is one of the most comprehensive WordPress activity logging and audit trail plugins that lets you keep track of what’s going on with your website. This includes changes to plugins, themes, and even WordPress core files; break-in attempts; site settings and configurations; and much more. The plugin also provides you with a complete history of every change, which makes it easier to spot suspicious behavior and thwart hacks.

The plugin is easy to set up and customize, and it works well on almost any type of WordPress website. It’s a great choice for multi-author websites, since it allows you to track the actions of every user on your site. It also has a text search function, which is important for converting data into useful information.

Another benefit of this plugin is that it can help you monitor the activities of third-party developers. This is especially helpful for small businesses that hire freelancers through sites like Upwork or Codeable. Sometimes, dishonest developers can cause serious problems for a business. For example, one WordPress blogger whose business is primarily based on affiliate marketing found out that a freelance developer had changed the PayPal address on several of her affiliate links without her permission. This was only caught because she was using a WordPress activity log plugin.

While keeping up-to-date with WordPress core, plugins and themes is a fundamental part of any website owner’s job, there are still instances where a plugin or theme update may result in compatibility issues, or even worse, a malicious hacker taking control of your website. Monitoring your website with an activity log can help you quickly spot these kinds of issues, which will save you time and money. WP Security Audit Log is an excellent solution for detecting these types of issues, and it’s available at a very affordable price. Moreover, it has a very comprehensive feature set and is recommended by many top-rated web hosts. This means that you can trust this plugin to monitor your site and notify you of any changes in real-time.

3. Sucuri Security

If you want a security plugin that is easy to set up and use, Sucuri is one of the best options available. This security tool offers various features, including site scanning, malware removal and a firewall. It is also known for its high level of customer support.

The free version of Sucuri Security includes basic security modules such as spam & malware protection, brute force login protection and activity logs. The premium version of the plugin provides advanced modules such as daily malware scans, core file integrity checks and real-time threat detection.

Another key feature of Sucuri is its malware cleanup service, which removes any detected threats and prevents them from spreading to other websites. This is particularly useful for sites that are hosted on shared servers. The plugin also comes with a wide range of other security features, such as the ability to block custom admin URLs and XML-RPC API commands. It is also possible to disable theme and plugin updates, as well as customize email alerts.

In addition to its security tools, Sucuri offers a suite of premium cloud-based services called Sucuri Platform. This includes everything included with Sucuri Firewall plus a number of additional security tools such as monitoring, detection and incident response. The plugin is compatible with a variety of third-party security tools, and its user interface is simple to use.

Sucuri has a lot of great features that aren’t found in other security plugins, such as website hardening and activity monitoring. In addition, the plugin offers a number of ways to customize email notifications, including which events to be notified about and how many times per day you want to receive alerts.

Although Sucuri is an excellent security plugin, it does have some drawbacks. First, the premium version of the plugin requires an annual subscription to access all its features. Secondly, some users have complained about slow customer support. They have reported long wait times and have complained that the customer support can feel impersonal or scripted. However, most users have had positive experiences with Sucuri’s customer support.

4. Wordfence

Wordfence is a free, open-source security plugin for WordPress that offers a firewall and malware scanner. It also includes a login security (two-factor authentication, logout lock) and live traffic monitoring. The software is easy to use and provides essential information at a glance on the dashboard.

In addition to the firewall and scanning tools, Wordfence also offers a variety of other features such as live traffic monitoring, site blocking, and more. The firewall protects against DDoS attacks and limits login attempts, while the scanner checks for malicious code and blocks threats. It can even identify and block traffic coming from specific countries to prevent illegal bots from accessing your website.

While many of the security tools are available for free, Wordfence does have a premium version. In addition to a firewall and scanning tool, the premium version allows for real-time updates and a malware cleanup service. This is ideal for larger websites that have a dedicated security team to keep their sites secure.

The malware detection system uses a signature-matching approach to detect malware on your site. While this does have the potential to erroneously flag legitimate files, the premium version of Wordfence will also clean these files from your site. This can cause some functionality on your site to break for a short period of time. The premium version also includes the option to block specific IP addresses, which is an excellent feature for business owners.

Unlike Sucuri, Wordfence is a local firewall that stays on your web server, allowing it to perform deeper scans and block more threats than cloud-based services. This is one of the reasons Wordfence is so popular with website owners.

The premium version of Wordfence also allows you to manage WAF settings and optimize your configuration on a per-site basis. It can also recommend security settings that are best for your website based on your traffic.

Using a combination of the above security plugins can drastically reduce your risk of being hacked. However, you also need to consider your hosting provider’s commitment to security. For example, Kinsta provides a security guarantee to their customers and will work with you to remove any malware that is found on your site. Additionally, they partner with Sucuri and can help you with any incident response services you may need in the event of a hacking attempt.